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Monday 31 August 2015
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Category: Books

BWP Hello my name is  jacket art

“My Name Is…” book review

                  Hello My Name Is… Kindra Sowder 107 pgs. Burning Willow Press...

The art of horror

The Art of Horror

Horror fiction fans, prepare yourself for this illustrated history of classic illustrations. In THE ART OF HORROR: An Illustrated...

Dead Girl

Dead Girl: review

Dead Girl Crazy Duck Press 280 pgs. An average girl living in the city is murdered. Nothing new, right? It happens every day. Just another...

The best horror

The Best Horror Of The Year: Book review

416 pgs. Night Shade Books The Best Horror Of The Year volume seven proves that once again, Ellen Datlow will continue to impress her...

dark intelligence

Dark Intelligence: Transformation Book One review

Dark Intelligence NightShade Books avail soft/hard cover pgs.402 Thorvald Spear wakes in a hospital to find he’s been brought back...

Dead Boys jacket

Dead Boys review

  Dead Boys Paperback 288 pgs. Talos Press On Sale March 15th Synopsis: Jacob Campbell is a preservationist, a thriving position when...

servants of the storm

Servants Of The Storm

Servants Of The Storm Delilah S. Dawson 376 pgs. Simon Pulse Back in September at Dragon Con, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mrs....

pandoras box

Romance For Men: Pandora’s Box: Book review

Pandora’s Box Published by Disobedient Dragon 2014 soft cover 153 pgs. Where shall I begin? Romance For Men Pandora’s Box is...

world gone wild book

Book review: World Gone Wild

A week ago I received this hard cover book titled World Gone Wild: A survivors guide to post-apocalyptic movies for review. Published by...

hillary monahan

Mary: The Summoning

                I just received a copy of Mary The Summoning from a surprise visit by U.P.S. It...