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Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Category: Atlanta Highlights

Scary Times TV

Atlanta horror fans have you heard about the Scary Times webcast show? Our bi-weekly variety show recaps your favorite horror shows,...


Here in Atlanta, Constantine is about to start production.They’ve had an open casting call for the last few weeks but have now...

Remaining titles for The Walking Dead season 4

If you’re keeping track, these are the remaining titles for the rest of season 4 of The Walking Dead. March 2nd “Still”...

The Walking Dead episode 4.12 sneak peak previews!

Here’s some cool previews from next weeks episode of The Walking Dead “Still”.

The Vampire Diaries new episode! Total Eclipse of the Heart

All new episode of the Vampire Diaries. Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The Originals Crescent City

Alright The Originals followers, here’s the latest trailer for this weeks episode Crescent City. The Originals airs Tuesday nights on...

2014 Days Of The Dead con

It’s coming! The Atlanta  2014 Days Of The Dead convention. From the DOTD FB page:  DAYS OF THE DEAD returns to Atlanta for three...

Scary Times E1

Horror Hotel webseries

Filmed here in Decatur, Ga. Horror Hotel the webseries, is certainly gaining momentum. Haven’t heard of Horror Hotel Atlanta folks?...

Studio Z opens in Atlanta!

STZ Media and Entertainment officially opened Studio Z in Tucker, Ga. last week. The following is the press release and interview with the...