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The Diesel Atlanta: Walking Dead season finale party

diesel walking dead season 4 finaleHere we are. The end of season 4 of The Walking Dead is upon us. Every episode this season has led up to Sunday night March 30th, at 9pm. From the buzz on the internet and various interviews from the cast,fans of the Walking Dead are in for a shocking episode. Supposedly a major character dies.(Anybody want to place bets with me that we see MORE than one death?) Anyway come out to the Diesel Filling Station Atlanta folks for a super Walking Dead viewing party. The Diesel Filling Station has built a great reputation for holding awesome viewing parties and their premiers are second to none! If you’ve never visited the Diesel for a viewing party there are a few rules the owner would like me to pass on to you.

1) Arrive early. After 8:30 you’ll be standing for the show.
2) No talking during the show.They’re serious about that rule.
3) No one under the age of 21 please. It’s a bar.

Other than that,here’s what you can look forward to.
Multiple TV’s, Great food, great staff, outside patio, drink specials, prizes for raffles, professional photo ops from POP TAB and the chance to get your picture with the internationally known zombie celebrity Stan The Zombie.
20130620_2782 STZ Promo

Soul Survivor zombie event

soul survivor 3 days jpegOnly 3 days left Atlanta folks to prepare for this super cool event. It takes place at Indian Springs State Park. Get your tickets now.ONLY FOUR TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE:Friday March 28 – 7p.m.Saturday March 29 – 7a.m.Saturday March 29 – 12p.m.Saturday March 29 – 6p.m.
The event takes place March 28th – 29th at 2014 Indian Springs State Park
678 Lake Clark Road Flovilla, GA 30216
soul survivor register now banner



Soul Survivor webpage:
We all like to imagine what we would do in an apocalypse. We share stories of how we would act, where we would go and what we would do. Television and literature have captured our attention and become the most popular genre today. Welcome to Bakers Creek… population 200. Here you are surrounded by friends and family and neighbors. Not a lot happens here, but that’s how they like it in Bakers Creek. Nice and quiet until… the sickness. It spreads easy… real easy. Any contact with the blood of the infected and you are infected. The virus travels fast, too. The body shuts down and the fever comes. Then you stop breathing. For some that is it. But, for most it, gets worse. The hunger comes. So powerful that it drives the body to get up and seek out flesh. You become… the walking dead. One spreads to another, then two, then four and it spreads ‘til the sole survivor.

Operation: Zombie Drop

Depending on who you ask, Atlanta’s known as the zombie capital of the U.S. thanks primarily to AMCTV’s The Walking Dead. However,we’re also known for zombie pub crawls, zombie parades, zombie proms, multiple indie zombie films and so on. Today I bring you Atlanta’s most unique zombie event yet.
Operation: Zombie Drop. Scheduled for June 14th, zombies will be falling from the sky at Skydive Georgia for charity. Here’s the official press release on the event.zombie drop

What better than zombies falling from the sky? Doing it all for charity! Yes, The Falling Dead presents Operation: Zombie Drop for CMTA! Big things are on the horizon for us and we are only getting bigger! For CMTA, they will DEFINITELY be getting the support they desperately need!So grab your gear, and head up to Skydive Georgia on June 14 and come watch us make the heavens rain zombies all day! Hang out with some of the greatest zombies in the Atlanta area, meet some the areas BEST makeup pros, hang out with Monster Energy and get some sick photos taken from Dead, Buried and Back! This will all be documented on LIVE TV from 11Alive news as well! We have more guests to be announced and are currently looking to take on any sponsors in and around the Atlanta area. If you want to make a difference in the lives of the almost 3 million affected by Charcot-Marie-Tooth, you can do so by either visiting our website at:, going directly to the CMTA webpage at or contacting Katerina Marks, our special guest of honor. See? The dead really DO care! We are taking the fall to SCARE up a cure!!! Please LIKE and SHARE this amazing event! Bring your hubby/wife, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, friends and neighbors! Food, fun and The Falling Dead!

Scary Times TV

Scary Times TITLE.jpgAtlanta horror fans have you heard about the Scary Times webcast show? Our bi-weekly variety show recaps your favorite horror shows, movies, and events PLUS we always have Stan The Zombie doing his “zombie segment” along with special guest interviews.So if you’d like to find out what’s new on the horror scene,or just have some time to kill,check us out! Here’s our latest episode. Other episodes available on YouTube Just Google Scary Times TV show.

Horror Hotel webseries

Filmed here in Decatur, Ga. Horror Hotel the webseries, is certainly gaining momentum. Haven’t heard of Horror Hotel Atlanta folks? Well let me give you some background on the series and check out their first episode below. They currently have 6 episodes completed. Watch them all at or on Youtube.




Ricky Hess is the creator and producer of Horror Hotel.

His extensive experience working with latex polymers profes-
sionally formed the background for his makeup effects artistry
used in a number of independent films in the Atlanta area. He
is an award winning costume designer  as well . Being  a true
geek at heart,  he grew up on Science fiction movies like Star
Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and shows like Star
Trek and Twilight Zone.

The Horror Hotel webseries is an
antholog series with a complete story
in each episode.  
Something  you  don’t  get  with   most
webseries”   says    Ricky.    ”Twilight
Zone and Alfred  Hitchcock  were  big
inspirations for the stories. The series
has varying  stories that  span multiple
genera’s   including   science  fiction,
horror,  thriller,  and  suspense.  Like
Hitchcock, there will be moments  of   comedy  and   drama  for
added entertainment. The goal of
Horror Hotel is to bring a fun
experience to the audience.  Different film  makers, styles,  and
stories means you never know what the
Horror Hotel will bring

Studio Z opens in Atlanta!

STZ Media and Entertainment officially opened Studio Z in Tucker, Ga. last week. The following is the press release and interview with the owners Stan Bowman and Charles Pinckney from The Dekalb county Champion newspaper.

Former engineer opens entertainment studio in Tucker

Posted by Carla Parker on September 27, 2013 In March, Stan Bowman, 48, was laid off his job as an engineer for AT&T.

On Sept. 21, Bowman and his business partner Charles C. Pinckney hosted a grand opening

for their new production studio Studio Z, in Tucker. Studio Z is a 3,835-

square-foot facility located at 2040 Steel Drive off Lawrenceville Highway.

The studio can be rented and offers a photography studio, classroom, break room and production

facilities for video and commercial shoots. With production studio space in high demand in the metro

Atlanta area, Bowman and Pinckney

chose to open the location based on Tucker’s interstate access, business network and

the continued growth of the community.

Bowman, who is known around Atlanta and in the entertainment world as “Stan the Zombie,” said

the community ofTucker has been very welcoming.

“I’ve met some of the other small business owners and some of the members of the DeKalb Chamber of

Commerce,” he said. “Tucker is a lot better than I thought. There seems to be a lot of community spirit here.

I’ve had nothing but a positive experience here.”

From left, Stan Bowman and Charles C. Pinckney hosted a grand opening for their new production studio,

Studio Z, in Tucker. Photo by Carla Parker

Bowman has been performing as Stan the Zombie since he was 17 years old. He is known as one of the best

zombie characters in Atlanta and has won a lot of awards for his act, including an award from the

Days of the Dead Atlanta.

He has performed at the annual Dragon Con convention in Atlanta and has been featured on independent shows and commercials,including a commercial for MARTA. He said when he realized that his job at AT&T

was coming to an end he decided to do Stan the Zombie full time and start working on getting a studio.

“I decided not to pursue another career in engineering and go after art full time,” he said. “I started photography

seven years ago and acting three years ago. I got a severance package from AT&T, paid off most of my

debt and poured a lot of the money into the studio and started this venture.”

Bowman began looking for studio space in April and came across the empty suite that is surrounded by

industrial properties.

“I saw this place, came by and looked at it and said we can make this work,” he said. “This will be a good start.”

Pinckney, who owns a photography business, said when he met Bowman six years ago he saw a lot of potential

in him.

“He had just started out doing Stan the Zombie full time and I saw a lot of potential in him becoming quite popular

in the public eye and hopefully famous,” Pinckney said.

Bowman and Pinckney began making plans for Studio Z two years ago.

“[The studio] came into fruition this year and we started building it in June,” Pinckney said. “We put a lot of blood,

sweat and tears into this place and here it is our grand opening.”

The grand opening included a tour of the studio and a party where some of Bowman’s friends and associates

dressed up as zombies.

Bowman said he will start preproduction this month on Stan the Zombie the Movie. If the movie is

successful Bowman will use some of the capital from the movie to open a second studio.

“[Studio Z] is like a starter home,” he said. “We’ll gauge it and see how we do here and if we really do well with

the movie we would like to open a second studio and build that one from the ground up.


What are your plans this weekend? Are they TWISTED?

The Twisted Fears convention has officially arrived in Atlanta! Tonight Thursday, the 26th, They’re having their meet and greet pre-party.  BUT tomorrow is  the start of the con.

In case you haven’t heard, Twisted Fears will be at the Perimeter Center Marriott hotel.(link below) from Sept.  27th-29th. Have you made your reservations yet? No? Well take a look at their international celebrity guest list.  The eerie event also will celebrate the worldwide re-launch of Gorezone, the even more splattery sister magazine of Fangoria . Needless to say, ATLRetro couldn’t help but declare con organizer Jeremy Morris Kool Kat of the Week to find out all the deadly details.

Timed perfectly with the start of the Halloween season( YEAH!) Twisted Fears has put together a great convention for Atlanta’s horror crowd. Below are some excerpst taken  from a recent interview with the con’s founder, Jeremy Morris. Thanks to Retro Atlanta for the interview.

“Twisted Fears was formed a year ago by my twisted imagination. I have been in the convention scene nearly 20 years. I have met a lot of great people along the way. The true reasoning of the creation of Twisted Fears was a part of my true love of the horror genre. I have lived in Atlanta all of my life and I felt it was time to do a show with a twist, something different than what fans may be accustomed too. As a long-time fan of this convention scene, I have always wished to see more international guests at shows because there are a lot of films [that are] forgotten. I chose to bring in guests that you may have not seen in a long time or possibly never, which gives the fans a fresh new roster of celebrities.”

“We have a lot of panels, events, night-time parties scheduled. The signature event is the first of it’s kind, our own Twisted Feast Dinner Party, with a very intimate setting for all fans to have a quiet dinner with all of the guests in attendance. This is a chance to truly have an experience of meeting the guests like no other.”

Now for some specifics:

When: Sept.27-29th     Where:  Marriott Perimeter Center

Time:  Friday  4pm-10pm,  Saturday  10am-7pm  and Sunday 10am-5pm

Cost: TICKETS ON SALE AT THE DOOR!                                                  



FULL WEEKEND $40                                                                                                                       

LIMITED number of VIP passes left! Hurry if you want one!

Remember to visit their website and like them on Twitter and Facebook!


The Vampire Diaries season 5!

With only 1 week before the beginning of season 5 , Vampire Diaries fans around the world  are in for a treat. Each season, The Vampire Diaries turns up the heat!  So prepare yourselves. The new season begins October 3rd.

Still filmed in and around the  Atlanta area, The Vampire Diaries continues to excite millions of die hard fans. This year of course, is no exception! Check out the pics and trailers below for a glimpse into season 5!







Teen Wolf season 2

Ok werewolf fans, MTV’s Teen Wolf  season 1 was a  big hit with 1.7 million viewers tuning in each week so here comes season 2! Teen Wolf has begun  its second season and it’s off to a great start!  Below is a synopsis of the show including the cast and a few pics.  Check back with us regularly as  we follow Teen Wolf through it’s new season!

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” is a sexy, suspenseful drama about transformation set against the backdrop of contemporary teen life with a forbidden, romantic love story at its core, making it a fresh and different take on the iconic movie. The hour-long 12-episode series will debut on June 5, immediately following the MTV Movie Awards at 11/10c, and will air regularly on Monday nights at 10/9c, beginning June 6.


NEW YORK, N.Y. (December 1, 2011) – MTV announced today that production has begun in Atlanta on the second season of its critically acclaimed series “Teen Wolf.” The fictional Beacon Hills will also have four new faces, with Michael Hogan, Stephen Lunsford, Daniel Sharman and a yet-to-be-cast female character joining the show. All first season series regulars, including Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden and Colton Haynes, will be reprising their roles. The highly anticipated second season of this young, sexy reinvention of the classic werewolf tale will return Summer 2012 on MTV.

The Walking Dead return! Season 2

Zombies take over Henry County highway

Ga. 20 near Atlanta Motor Speedway is closed for filming of “The Walking Dead”

Calling all Zombists!  The Walking Dead season 2 has just begun filming out near the Atlanta Motor Speedway! Of course for us Atlanta drivers, that means detours if you head out that way. This season we will be bringing you photos from the set along with interviews from the cast!   So stay up to date with your favorite zombie TV series and check back with us regularly!

Official Press Release:

AMC released today a ‘first look’ photo from season two of its critically acclaimed original drama, “The Walking Dead,” currently in production in the greater Atlanta area. The hit series’ second season includes 13 episodes, and premieres this fall.

Executive Producer/Writer/Director Frank Darabont says, “At this moment, I’m standing on a stretch of post-apocalypse interstate in Georgia, littered with abandoned cars and blessing my good luck to be reunited with our amazing cast, and our fantastic directors and crew. Across the board, there are none better. It’s great to be shooting again. I think we’ve embarked on a great season.”


Here’s another press release on the Walking Dead in Atlanta!

Zombie Outbreak Hits Cobb

‘Walking Dead’ Filming








John Spink, Atlanta Journal Constitution

Posted: 11:20 am EDT June 13, 2011Updated: 2:13 pm EDT June 13, 2011

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Cobb County residents were confronted with a zombie outbreak Monday morning. Zombie Drama Stops Traffic The AMC hit drama “The Walking Dead” was filming on Riverwood Parkway, which was closed for several hours during filming.Last week, the show’s filming shut down a Hampton highway for five days. Some residents complained of backups, while others said filming is worth the economic impact — which is estimated at $2.1 billion in Georgia.Cobb residents were warned that the zombie mayhem was heading to their county. Message boards were set up on Cobb Galleria Parkway. Cobb police said traffic delays could be brought by zombies and simulated gunfire.“Dead,” which is headed into its second season, follows a group of people trying to survive in the wake of a zombie epidemic.








Enlarge Image

Some residents got in on the action. Fans had a chance to speak with one of the show’s actors. One woman was excited to watch her daughter, who was cast as a zombie.“It’s amazing. For people who life on the east coast, it’s like getting to have the west coast over here. It’s giving them opportunities,” Zandra Wehunt told Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge.The show’s publicist told Sbarge about 160 people are working on the production, and most are from Atlanta.

Here’s a new vid…a first look at season two! Check them out at

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