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Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse closes


AZA photoIt’s sad but true… The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse,(AZA)  a  landmark in Atlanta’s horror entertainment, will officially close it’s doors Nov.1st for good. Apparently the Shell corporation has bought most of their parking lot for it’s own employees. Is this a good thing? I asked the founder of AZA Shane Morton and he was optimistic adding “Things worked out for the best”. Here’s what Shane posted on Facebook earlier today.
“Tonight I will close a huge chapter in my life. When Jonny,Fred and I began this project,we were determined to do something that had never been done before,and to do it with the highest quality. Well, to say we kicked ass is an understatement! I want to thank all the hundreds who helped build this crazy beast, and the tens of thousands who have traveled from all over the world to experience it! I gained a new family and I love you all…Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse will close tonight but it will never die! Hail!!!”
My personal experiences at the AZA haunt were fantastic. Below we’ve posted a couple of photos from years past. If you get a chance Atlanta horror fans, stop by their FB page and share your thoughts.
So where can you see Shane Morton aka Professor Morte and his crew? He’ll still be around for horror themed events and you can definitely see him at The  25th anniversary of the World Horror Convention next May. he’ll be  hosting  the costume party.
professore MorteWHC creepy ball







House On Horror Hill final nights!

house on horror hillThis is it! It’s the final 2 nights of the Halloween season. Have you been out to the House On Horror Hill?
If you answered no, grab some friends and go!Located in Alpharetta, Ga. and run by the North Fulton Jaycees, they’re ready to give you a good scare! Admission is just $12. They’re open until midnight on Halloween and Nov.1st. Click on the links for the videos.


Nightmares Gate: The history behind the haunt

nightmares gate logo The following story is courtesy of Chad Wood.
Nightmares Gate is about to wrap up its 5th year in production! We have amassed so far, 2 Scariest Characters from Midwest Haunt Con, 5 top ten Characters, 4 #1 Scariest Attraction ratings from multiple haunt review teams and also a couple of awards for parade floats and unique characters! All that comes from the dedication and devotion of our core group…our Gatemakers! Made of our owners, Ben Blair and Craig Newton, their wives, Lorra Newton and Jennifer Blair and myself, Chad Wood, we will devise a vision for how our story line will go and hammer it out as well as we can. Now, what and how we do our show will differ from how other shows do theirs….which is cool! Some have sponsors, or paid builders, or even fabricated props brought in to their show. The one thing that sets Nightmares Gate apart from most of the others is just about every thing you see there is designed, created and made right there in our shop! From custom characters, masks and props, to scenery and sets! We never really stop our progress. From the time our show ends on the first weekend in November, we start the design for the following season. Our demo usually includes tearing our a few rooms or scenes in order to create the new feel. Our story line changes, so our show has to provide the images. We can change any aspect of the show, with regards to say maybe three areas! Our owners like to say, they don’t want to keep anything in the show more than three years. It looses its effect, and then customers become adaptable to it. With us being a smaller haunt, with little to no monetary sponsorship, the owners are building this show right out of their own pockets! Dedicated and committed to their dream of not only a successful haunt, but a superb show that brings the ‘scare’ back into haunting!Craig and Ben both work out of town a lot of the time, so most of our work is done on the weekends. We will work from sun-up until sometimes midnight or later EVERY weekend! And that does include some holidays. It takes more than just a financial backing to make our show the hit it is today. We have worked countless hours, poured our blood, sweat and tears into what we believe in. From minor injuries and slight setbacks to family emergencies, we have stuck together to forge a bond with on another and create a family of our own. Although the dream of Nightmares Gate started with 6 in the core, we have added a few more to the Elite Gatemakers who have sacrificed their free time to help build and create what we have now. Continue reading “Nightmares Gate: The history behind the haunt” »

Nightmares Gate drawing huge crowds in Atlanta

nightmares gate chad and graysonWhat’s the secret recipe for creating a super Halloween Haunt? You start in the early spring, work long hours all summer including some holidays, mix in some nervousness, blood sweat and tears(minor injuries)and BAM!… there you have it! Nightmares Gate is the most successful and entertaining haunt in the Douglasville area. Located off the Fairburn exit on Hwy.20 just past Six Flags, lies the Brasky State Prison. And at the prison zombie guards and all manners of scary creatures await your arrival.
On Saturday night (past) Nightmares Gate saw another huge crowd of visitors.Yes,the word is out and from all over Atlanta people are coming in droves to Nightmares Gate. If you love haunts DON’T miss this one. There’s only 1 week left so you better hurry.
Nightmares Gate also offers group discounts and “speed” passes (VIP) are available if you don’t like waiting in line.
nightmares gate logo

Z.14.12 : Atlanta indie film

Z1412Header_smallZ.14.12 is Straitjacket Studios’ debut short film, produced and shot entirely on location just outside Atlanta, GA featuring all local based actors and crew. It also includes music by Atlanta’s own ON ‘TIL MORNING. The film is currently in the final stages of post-production and is planning to begin film festival submissions in early November.
The story features Zack (Michael Filisky), a horror fanatic, amateur prepper and his partner Jess (Chelsea Howard) as they face the realization of the ultimate apocalyptic event, only to find that things are nothing like anyone had predicted. They and their house guests must find their way out of this horrifying dilemma as all preparations prove useless.
Given the recent explosion of the zombie genre, humans are becoming far too acclimated to surviving a zombie apocalypse…enter Z.14.12. What if none of the existing rules applied? What if all attempts failed? What if WE WERE ALL WRONG? Z.14.12 takes us in a new direction using a unique and witty approach to the genre. It is specifically very story-based, (as opposed to just more blood and guts), where the storyline differentiates it from most other zombie films. What if nothing was as we expected…yet the REAL explanation was right…under…our…noses all along? Z.14.12 is an escalating thriller climaxing with a revolutionary twist, conceptually planting the seed for a new direction of the zombie genre. Z.14.12 is indeed the REAL “Z” day.
The film features all Atlanta-based actors, all who have been involved in various projects both in and outside of Atlanta, notably appearing in “Snapped: Killer Couples” on the Oxygen Network as well as featured “walkers” on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Z.14.12 also includes Atlanta zombie personality Stan Bowman (“Stan the Zombie”), as well as voiceovers by award-winning sports reporter Tommy Kane and news reporter turned actress Tara Jones.

Z.14.12 director A.J. Caruso began his career as a touring musician in the last 80’s opening for acts such as CHEAP TRICK, REO SPEEDWAGON and FOREIGNER, eventually progressing into film composing, where he has scored the award winning films “My friend, Oscar.” and “Bury Me.” A.J. has since turned to film making, writing, producing and directing his short film debut Z.14.12. Z.14.12 attack image

Atlanta Walker Stalker interview: Michael Rooker

As promised, here’s another exclusive Walker Stalker interview. Sitting down at a round table styled interview, Dead, Buried, and Back!’s Ashley Rigby asked Michael about his “Driving Dead” Illinois PSA’s.

House on Horror Hill

DSCN3151Located in Roswell GA, on Alpharetta Hwy. across from the Ferrari dealership sits the longest running North Fulton haunt.The House On Horror Hill. Originally built in the 1930’s the house is said to have a few ghosts of it’s own. (It’s been investigated by paranormal ghost hunting groups.) Now in it’s 33rd year, the haunt continues to please those brave enough to venture inside. USA Today listed it as one of the top ten haunts in Atlanta.
The other evening I went on the 5 room haunt and as usual, I was pleasantly surprised. Run by the Jaycees, this haunt is old school. No, you won’t find high end animatronics here. The employees of the haunt pour their heart and souls into every show for hours on end. I really liked the theme this year and it without giving away any spoilers,it took me back to the eighties and nineties. It’s eerie, creepy, and full of surprises.
So grab some friends and come on out. You can’t miss them. Look for the GIANT pumpkin in the front yard and the screams echoing from the house. The House On Horror Hill is waiting for you!
Admission price: $10.00

Horror Hotel “Brain Robbers In Love” behind the scenes vid

The award winning webseries Horror Hotel available on HULU and other platforms, just posted this behind the scenes vid from their most reason episode “Brain Robbers In Love”. You can follow Horror Hotel through these links.

Cherokee Zombie Fest photo gallery

DSCN3063Nearly a thousand people turned out for the Cherokee Zombie Festival in Canton, GA. yesterday.
The festival is held every year and raises money for FOCUS.
About FOCUS: Cherokee FOCUS is a 501(c)3 collaborative that exists to improve the lives of the children and families of Cherokee County. The collaborative is a partnership of organizations, agencies civic clubs, the faith based community, law enforcement, business, education, families and individuals. These partners bring their skills, expertise and resources to the table to create and develop programs and initiatives designed to support families and children through a means that could not be accomplished by one agency or individual alone.
Here’s a photo gallery of some of the highlights of the festival. Please feel free to share with your friends.

Cherokee Zombie Fest

20130620_2782 STZ PromoIt’s that time of year again in Canton, Ga. when zombies, zombie fans, and celebrities from the Walking Dead come out to Canton for the Cherokee Zombie Fest. From The Marietta Daily Journal comes the following article.
CANTON — Downtown Canton will be transformed into a zombie land where the walking dead will linger this weekend, as Cherokee FOCUS hosts the second annual Zombie Fest and Food Truck Fair.
The event will kick off Friday with a 5K race for zombies who want to run, walk, crawl or creep. Registration begins at 6 p.m.Saturday’s activities will begin at 5 p.m. with zombie makeovers, movie marathons and ghost tours. The event not only benefits Cherokee FOCUS but also kicks off the season five premiere of the AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” which will air Oct. 12.
Cherokee County’s local celebrity Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on “The Walking Dead,” is set to judge the best zombie costume and brain-eating contest. The event will also offer a chance to bid on autographs from Riggs, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead” and Josh Holloway, from “Lost,” through a silent auction.
“We were so excited that everyone had such a great time at last year’s event, and we are thrilled to be bringing it back,” said Sonia Carruthers, Cherokee FOCUS chief executive officer. “Having a young person like Chandler taking time out of his busy schedule to give back to other youth in our community has been wonderful, and also says a lot about the great character of this young man.”
The Zombie Motorcycle Ride, beginning at Kotic Kustoms on Bells Ferry Road, will end in the middle of Zombie Fest, and is sure to bring the walkers out. Those who arrive at the event without their pale, zombie-like features can head over to the zombie transformation stations to be turned into a non-living creature for $5.
Carruthers noted the event has been designed as a family event and asks that all costumes for zombie and humans be equipped with “toy” accessories only. She also reminded event participants to respect the downtown businesses and note the “humans only” signs at certain restaurants, where zombie paint might damage the furniture or decor of the establishment.
The family event will offer fun entertainment from the bands, Red Tyde Rising and Jillhammer. Fans will want to head over to the stage for a chance to receive the Jillhammer’s new CD, autographed by Riggs and band members. Continue reading “Cherokee Zombie Fest” »

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