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Atlanta’s Nightmares Gate opens early!

nightmares gate logoThis week Nightmares Gate Haunted House in Douglasville, Ga. will officially open its doors for the haunt season.(yes, you read that correctly) On Sept. 13th Nightmares Gate will open its doors to the general public. What’s new this year you ask? I’d really LOVE to tell you… but I can’t! It would be a huge spoiler. What I CAN say is the cast and crew have been working relentlessly on the haunt since April and I’m looking forward to going through it.
(photos courtesy of Linda Medley)
Nightmares Gate cast and crew 2014Nightmares gate van with chad

**Exclusive** interview with The Walker Stalkers

Eric and James, the Walker Stalkers, are well known for their national convention aptly named The Walker Stalker con.The convention began here, in Atlanta last October and since then it’s popularity has exploded nationwide. Back in May we caught up with The Walker Stalkers and here’s what they’re up to.

The Walker Stalker con comes back to Atlanta October 17-19th. Only multi- day passes are left so grab them while you can! Visit them at
The Walker Stalkers andrew, Norman and David key art

New movie studio coming to Norcross, GA

While this comes as no surprise to a booming movie industry here in Ga, I’m super excited about this project!
For starters, this isn’t JUST a movie studio with a few sound stages. It will include an entire community and film school for aspiring students. Check out the vid below for details.

Atlanta Walker Stalker Con welcomes Norman Reedus

Walker stalker norman reedus
I remember the first Walker Stalker Con here in Atlanta. For a first time con I couldn’t help but be impressed with the staff, volunteers, organization, and general professionalism. In a word, it was impressive. Since then,the Walker Stalker Con has become one of the most highly publicized conventions nationwide. So much so,the con has sold out of their 3 day VIP tickets months in advance. Returning to Atlanta this October 17th-19th, the con is adding new events, welcoming new celebrities and of course, has a great after party! Follow the links below for more details. ** Remember check back with us for the latest Walker Stalker updates and your chance to WIN FREE tickets!

Here’s the latest press release:

Atlanta, GA – In addition to the 53 guests previously announced, Walker Stalker Con announced that Norman Reedus will be attending the convention located at the Atlanta Convention Center at Americas Mart October 17-19, 2014.
Norman Reedus will be attending on Saturday and Sunday, October 18 & 19, 2014, only. He will be signing autographs and doing photo ops.
The full list of guests can be found at
Walker Stalker Con kicks off on Friday, October 17th at noon. The exhibit floor will be open all three days featuring games, toys, comic and other memorabilia for true fans of zombie, horror and science fiction. The full event schedule can be found at

Tickets for the event start as low as $35 for general admission and can be purchased at

For more information, guest announcements and regular updates about Walker Stalker Con please visit the website
walker stalker con updated mult. celeb  banner

City Of Senoia extends wall permit for The Walking Dead

senoia wallThe Senoia City Council voted unanimously Monday to extend the wall permit and road closures for filming of AMC network hit show “The Walking Dead” until Nov. 30, 2015, with the option for annual renewals through 2019.
The closures of Morgan Street and Amey Street and the permit for construction of the 15-foot metal wall were originally approved for Sept. 11 to Nov. 26 of 2014. In July, Michael Riley of Stalwart Films asked for an extension until 2016, with the option of extending the permits through 2019.
Because some construction needs to be done that will require closing the road, the road closure will now begin Aug. 25.
Under state law, a governing body can’t vote to “bind” a future governing body, according to Senoia City Attorney Drew Whalen. Because the term of the some of the current city council members expires at the end of 2015, the council can’t take any action to approve the closure past the end of 2015.

A public hearing was held at Monday’s city council meeting, and two residents spoke in opposition.
Kathleen Sullivan, who lives on Pylant Street, spoke for herself and on behalf of her neighbor, Fred Morris of Morgan Street.
Sullivan said she and other residents of the historic district have to follow all kinds of special rules and jump through many hoops to build decks or outbuildings. “But Stalwart Films has been blessed by you all to construct the poster child for ‘not in my backyard.’ The problem is, the wall is in my backyard,” she said.
During the public hearing held July 7 on the original permit, “I said that the wall would be ugly. None of us had seen it yet,” she said. “But, OMG, it is uglier than I could ever imagine.”
The rusty corrugated metal and shipping containers don’t belong in her residential neighborhood, according to Sullivan.
She urged the council not to approve the request long-term. “We don’t know the impact.”
Sullivan said that the wall could constitute a legal nuisance. If the city subjects its residents to that nuisance for five years “you will be disabused of reality to not know that some legal action will come out of that.” She said that she and her neighbor are considering hiring an attorney and “taking whatever steps are legally necessary to be able to live our lives in quiet enjoyment of our properties.”
Sullivan said she seriously doubts that Tyler Perry or Pinewood Studios would “try to dictate to the people of a small city what they can and can’t do on their own property. We would expect Stalwart to film for a few weeks. But five years? Please,” Sullivan said.
“Only in Senoia are we expected to suck this up.”
Sullivan said that several people told her it was a waste of time to even come to the hearing. “Because everything is, I quote, ‘pre-approved for Stalwart,’” she said. “I refuse to believe that. All of you are elected by those of us who live here, not the ‘walker stalkers’ who buy an ice cream cone and a bottle of water on Main Street and go home to wherever they live, thankful that the wall is not in their community.”
Sullivan urged the council to go slowly. “It’s too long of a span of time. There is too much at stake.”
Karen Allen of Seavy Street said she doesn’t think the closing of the streets is a good thing for the city. She’s particularly concerned about access to the post office and Gin Street. There has been no mention of Gin Street, she said. In the past, when Gin Street has been closed for filming, there have been times it is almost impossible to get to the post office. Continue reading “City Of Senoia extends wall permit for The Walking Dead” »

Dragon*Con: Premier party event

dragon conDragon*Con is almost here. With 3 weeks remaining until the con, tens of thousands are making plans to arrive in Atlanta. Equally as excited, are the local business owners who generate a months worth of revenue from the 3 day event. Last year over 60,000 attended Dragon Con. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to those numbers this year.
Anyway, lets talk Dragon Con parties! To some, Dragon Con represents one HUGE party.Okay,I’m down with that. But I’m talking about the professional venues.
Take JSin Secretroom’s party for example.
JSin is highly sought after for his professional party venues. He receives offers from other states to host parties, and is a fan favorite at The Walker Stalker convention.
To give you some background on JSin, he’s also a professional makeup artist and has worked on set for Constantine, he’s been an assistant Special Fx Artist season 4 of The Walking Dead, and is a Make-up / Special FX Artist Season 5 of The Walking Dead.
So what does JSin’s Secretroom have in store for us this year? Feast your eyes on this.
temple of Boom party DCFREE  w/ Dragon con pass ! $10.00 general public (no pass)

Friday, August 29
at 10:00pm – 3:00am

The Walking Dead: **Exclusive** photos!

 Here’s one of the many benefits to living in Atlanta.You might get the chance to see the filming of The Walking Dead. While I don’t normally believe in releasing spoiler photos,these were too good to pass up. From Access Atlanta magazine, we bring you these exclusive photos of The Walking Dead cast during a shoot downtown. Feast your eyes on this great shot of Norman Reedus ladies!
atlanta the walking dead norman pic 3
atlanta walking dead pic 1

atlanta walking dead pic 2 chadatlanta walking dead roof pic 4

Monsterama Con

monsterama bannerThis weekend the Monsterama Con arrives in Dunwoody, Ga.
Monsterama is an Atlanta convention that celebrates the fantastic in film, literature, and art.
Brought to you by TimeGate and Anthony Taylor.
It takes place at the Holiday Inn Perimeter located at 4386 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30341, from August 1-3, 2014. The convention will feature celebrity, artist, and author guests, screenings, as well as other fan related events and panels. Tickets are available at the door. Come on out and join us and celebrate horror entertainment!
Monsterama has an app! You can download Bizzabo for your iPhone or Android devices. Click on “Get Started” and you’ll look up the event Monsterama. It may ask for you to sign up via email or sign in with Linkedin, however, it is not required for you to do so in order to interact with the app schedule (listed under “Agenda”). We are updating the schedule so you may see some changes here and there. You can “Join Community” on there and see other attendees, staff, and some guests. Click on “Tweets” and you’ll see tweets that mention the official Monsterama hashtag #monsterama (you can use that on Facebook too!)
monsterama creature jpeg


Ga peachIn the last year I’ve seen several articles posted with various online magazines about the growth of Atlanta’s entertainment industry. From The Citizen, here’s the latest word and stats on the subject.
Members of the Rotary Club of Coweta-Fayette on July 14 were given a wide-ranging update on Georgia’s film industry by Georgia Film, Music and Entertainment Office Senior Location Specialist Craig reel
Dominey said that “Georgia has production incentives up to a 30 percent tax credit, state of the art infrastructures, highly skilled workforce, diverse shooting locations and direct flights through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.”
Dominey said Georgia now has eight film and television studio facilities.
The film industry’s impact for Fiscal Year 2013 included 142 combined productions, which include feature films, TV movies and series, commercials and movie videos, Dominey said.
“The direct spending from these productions was $933.9 million and the estimated economic impact was $3.334 billion,” Dominey said, adding that the economic impact from 1973-1998 was only $2.5 billion. Continue reading “Atlantawood” »

2014 Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl

atlanta zombie pubcrawl drawn art image






Atlanta’s annual zombie pub crawl is less than 24 hours away. Starting at the Diesel Filling Station
The pub crawl brings out volumes of the undead for a good time.This year,the crawl will cover 5 local bars and as always, professioanl make up artists will be available to help you “zombify” yourself.(arrive early for make up!)
Tickets are still on sale but you better hurry!
atlanta zombie pub crawl discount ticket poster

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