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Sunday 8 December 2019
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The Devil’s Bed by Doug Lamoreux


In a 14th century cemetery surrounded by the folklore of the persecuted Templar Knights, Ray Kramer and his fiance Brandy Petracus, listen to a tour guide as she takes mental notes for her Master’s thesis. Accompanying them is Viki, Ray’s sister. Brandy had sold her on an exciting and adventurous vacation that so far, has turned out to be  a bore. Feeling like a third wheel, Vicki takes a chance on making a new friend, Loup.

When Vicki is raped, she unknowingly raises the Templar Knights from their several hundred years sleep. The knights continue a rein of murder and destruction on an insatiable quest for vengeance.  Searching for answers, Ray and Brandy  find themselves trapped in the cemetery. Now along with some friends, they must fight the darkness, the Knights , and the local police (gendarme) until dawn .



The Devil’s Bed aptly named, was a very good book. It combined French folklore about Templar Knights with suspenseful  situations starting with a missing family member in a foreign country. With the addition of the Gendarme who are attempting to arrest Ray and his fiance for murder, the plot thickens.

The Devil’s Bed  also uses  just the right amount of French dialogue keeping the reader on track without losing them.( I picked up some new phrases!)

The characters developed well throughout the story, and when the time called for it, their true colors shone through.

Overall, the story moved at a good pace, and as I stated above, created a good amount of suspense.

If your interested in Knights, French folklore or just want a story that puts good graphic images of horror in your head, then this is a must read!

Below is a bio from the author. This was his first novel and I look forward to his future endeavors.

About the Author:
A former professional firefighter, Doug Lamoreux is now a full time writer and actor. He
was a contributor to the acclaimed non-fiction book Horror 101: The A-List of Horror
Films and Monster Movies (Midnight Marquee Press, a ‘Rondo Awards’ nominee for
2008 Book of the Year). He was nominated for a 2010 Rondo Award for Best Article
(The Deadly Mantis; Midnight Marquee Magazine #77). He is the co-author, with Daniel
D. Lamoreux, of the horror novel Apparition Lake. He starred in the Peter O’Keefe film,
Infidel, and appeared in two Mark Anthony Vadik horror films, The Thirsting and Hag.
The Devil’s Bed is his first solo novel.