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Sunday 9 August 2020
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Rot & Ruin: Jonathan Maberry

Benny Imura has a problem…he needs a job. His older brother Tom of course, isn’t much help as his reputation of being a great zombie killer precedes him. While Benny has his own views of what a cool zombie killer should be, he fails to understand the hype surrounding his own brother.  After all, the other zombie killers he knows have nicknames and are legendary by their own rights. With fences guarding their little town, the zombies now are only seen out in the ruin. Benny struggles to understand the “family business” which he decides to join, his own perceptions of the ruin, and his growing love for a female friend. While Tom attempts to “teach “ Benny the real meaning of  killing zombies, a world of confusion, terror,and personal fears unravels in this post apocalyptic suspense novel.

Written as a young adult novel, this is the first in a series by the legendary Jonathan Maberry. He has the ability through his well developed characters, plots and visual images to keep any reader thoroughly enticed. Borders Books currently ranks it #45 in sales. Rot & Ruin is sure to become a classic among zombie enthusiasts!

UPDATE    3-10-2011              ROT& RUIN wins Dead Letter award !

Jonathan Maberry is a multiple Bram Stoker Award winner,and the author of several horror novels including Vampire Universe,Dead Man’s song, and Bad Moon Rising to name a few.

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