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Monday 23 November 2020
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“My Name Is…” book review

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Hello My Name Is…
Kindra Sowder
107 pgs.
Burning Willow Press

Blythe McAlister is an art consultant, ambitious, beautiful, rich and successful. She can close a sale in a New York minute, set up a showing of an obscure artist’s life’s works in her spare time and she always dresses to impress. That’s her by day. Like most twenty-somethings, she goes out and enjoys the night life and New York City has so much to offer her; booze, dancing and a close friend. She can attract any man and never goes home alone, but unlike other girls her age, Blythe has a secret. One you would have never guessed. Remember the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well, they only got the story half right.

I love Novellas. For one thing, it doesn’t take long to shoot through them. Secondly, you can read more than one or two a day. From a review standpoint, this saves time. But I digress. Let’s look at “What’s My Name…from Kindra Sowder.

Back in July, I met Kindra and her husband at the Monstercon convention in South Carolina. They had a nice display of her work. After a brief introduction, she gave me a copy to review.
And right about now, she’s probably thinking “What took you so long, John? It’s just a novella!” (My apologies Kindra).
Back to her story.

To begin, I love the title. It’s fitting for the premise of the story. Our protagonist Blythe McAlister plays dual roles in this twisted tale of passion,deviance and murder. Blythe describes herself as having a Jekyll and Hyde personality and is fully aware of the never-ending insatiable appetite that dwells inside her. While part of her is always in control,the other side of her personality harbors deeply rooted evil.

Blythe is beautiful. She’s what every man desires. She’s classy, educated, and into art where she spends time at a local New York Gallery as a consultant. That’s her occupation by day. By night,she’s a seductress that lures men into her bed to satisfy her sexual urges. So what’s wrong with that you ask? Dax, one of the characters Blythe brings home from a local bar had the best night of his life.The next morning however,he discovered that his beauty had become a beast!

What’s My Name…is a story about confronting and accepting your inner demons. It’s an erotic horror story. It’s a solid, well written graphic tale that was a joy to read from the first page to the last. While I have to admit erotic horror isn’t my thing, kudos to Kindra for keeping my attention through good character development, arousing sexual situations, and a tasteful amount of gore.
I’m glad to know that this was book one in the series. It’s off to a good start. I’m looking forward to learning more about Blythe’s past and what drove her to become such a tormented soul.

My final thoughts?
My Name is… is a must read. It’s clever, sexy, and horrifying all rolled into one.

About Kindra Sowder:
Kindra Sowder was born and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA until the age of 12, when her family moved to Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from high school in 2006 with full honors and as a member of her high school Literary Club and the Spanish Honor Society. In January 2014, she graduated with her second degree in Psychology, earning her an AA and BA in the field. She began to write long before this though, forming the basis for the Executioner Trilogy (being released in January 2015) at the age of 15. She got married to her husband Edd Sowder in May 2014 and still lives in Spartanburg, SC where she is basing Burning Willow Press.

One thought on ““My Name Is…” book review

  1. Kindra Sowder

    Thank you so much for doing this review and I am very happy that you loved the book. Volume 2 is out now so I hope everyone is staying caught up because you guys are in for a wild ride!


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