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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Flesh Eaters


Not one, but two, category 5  hurricanes roared through Houston leaving in their wake, devastation unparallelled in U.S. history.

Elanor  Norton was a mother, wife, and Emergency Ops Police Sergent. She thought she was prepared for anything.  After the initial destruction, she chose duty first, and family second. That was before her family became  targets.

Changing the face of Houston forever, the hurricanes brought about a pandemic, creating the most horrifying thing imaginable.  Zombies.

Now, cut off from any viable source of help, she must battle for survival against the undead, her own opportunistic fellow officers,  and push herself well beyond her  limitations to get her family out of Houston alive.      



Flesh Eaters   364pages.  Pinnacle


The third in the series, Joe McKinney has created a story of horrific proportions. Right from the beginning, the reader will feel the sense of urgency and frustration as the people of Houston still feeling the strain from a category 5 hurricane, prepare for a second.

Joe McKinney painted a great  picture in the story which brought about  memories from Katrina…times 3!

Plausible? Possibly. Entertaining? Very!

The story is suspenseful and the zombies in a word, terrifying.  Once again, Joe McKinney has put his readers in the middle of an Apocalypse, dragging from our subconscious the fears in all of us, as we ask ourselves “how would I survive?”

With the intensity of natural disasters, characters like the ones created in Flesh Eaters seem  quite real. They are the heroes and demons of our society. They are well developed and the reader will have no trouble relating to them like they were your family, friends or neighbors.

The zombies, likewise, are so descriptive they almost leap out at you. It’s obvious that Joe McKinney has put a lot of thought into creating  zombies that not only capture the readers attention, but bring to light the other side of a humans basic need to survive at any cost.

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed  Dead City, and Apocalypse of the Dead, I waited with great anticipation for the release of this novel. I found the writing superb, and like his other novels, was instantly involved with the premise and characters plight from start to finish. Joe McKinney leaves nothing out. He delivers a great story, real characters , gruesome zombies and delivers it all to his readers. So eat it up fans!  I did!