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Monday 30 November 2020
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Posts by: John Farris


The Walking Dead season 1 is out on DVD!  Get your copy today !        

Letting Go – by Mary San Giovanni

Here is a reprint from one of  Mary San Giovanni’s first ghost stories. I really enjoyed it…check it out !...

John Farris limited edition book jacket

Check out John Farris’s limited edition novels by Centipede Press!        

Heart Shaped Box

Justin Cowzynski was a boy growing up on a hog farm. Judas Coyone was the rock legend he became. At 54, Judas had money, fame, and plenty...

Inazuma – Short story by Mike Oliveri

Check out Mike Oliveri’s short story Inazuma.

Plague Dogs – by Joe McKinney

If they’d come a few minutes earlier the dogs would have surprised him in the bedroom, kneeling next to the bed, muttering his goodbyes...