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Sunday 9 August 2020
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“The Takeover” exclusive interview with Baby Norman

The TakeoverBaby Norman head shot red shirt

One of the hottest new indie films in production here in Atlanta is “The Takeover”.Today we’re excited to bring you this exclusive interview with one of the principal actresses, Baby¬†Norman.

BIO: Baby Norman is an actress and producer, known for The End, The Miracle (2012) and Zombie Dickheads in Time Insensitive (2014).
Her credits also include a lead role in Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies as Mary Owens, an episode in the second season of Banshee, and she’s just completed an episode for Dream Writers TV.

In the following interview we gain some insight into Baby herself, her character Val, and what she’s looking forward to in the coming months.

DB&B: Baby, I just have to ask, is Baby a stage name or your birth name?”
Baby: (With a big smile) It’s my real name. I was named after my dad’s band.”
DB&B: “Baby, tell us a little about your acting background. How did you hear about this film?”
Baby: “Well, I’m represented by the J. Pervis Talent Agency and Click Models.I love working with them and I couldn’t be happier.They’re all such wonderful people. I actually heard about the film through another actor on the film Teddy Gathmann who is also with J. Pervis. After that I came in for an audition. I’ve been acting for about 5 years now and the majority of my career has taken place in Indie films. However I’ve also been very lucky to land parts in a very popular webseries called Horror Hotel. The cast and crew of Horror Hotel are like family to me. They’re very professional and focused individuals who have a deep love and passion for what they’re doing.”
DB&B: “That’s awesome! We’re huge fans and supporters of Horror Hotel ourselves. How much work have you done with them?”
Baby: “I’ve been in two episodes so far, “The Problem With Clones” and more recently in season two, “Life After Men” and I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be asked to be in another episode at some point.”
DB&B: “In your acting career, what would you say has been your most challenging role?”
Baby: “Definitely Horror Hotel’s The Problem With Clones. In that episode I had to play 5 different versions of myself. It was crazy but so much fun! It was a challenge to switch roles and come up with different personalities but at the same time making it believable.”
DB&B: “Tell us a little about your character in The Takeover, Val.”
Baby: “Val is a tough, resilient, leader who is on a mission. She’s somewhat manipulative, but in a good way. She’s basically trying to find out what the fuck happened to her!” (She laughs).”I can’t say anything more without giving the story away.”
DB&B: Looking at her makeup I just nod. “I understand.”
DB&B: “So what’s after this movie? Do you have another project lined up?”
Baby: (She nods then smiles) “Yes, next I’m going to be in a film by John Cap called “SLAW” It’s a parody of the Saw franchise films. It’s looks awesome and I’m looking forward to it.I’ll be playing the lead as Amber.”
DB&B: “And of course due to NDA’s I’m sure you can’t say anything more, right?”
Baby: “Yup!”
DB&B: (I start to close my notes and she stops me with a big smile.)
Baby: After that, (I scramble to open my notes) I’m going to be in a fantasy film titled “Edgor and Izzy” I play the role of Galatae. That film will start shooting in August. And after that..”
DB&B: “Wow Baby, you’ve got a lot on your plate…good for you!”
Baby: “Absolutely! after “Edgar and Izzy” I’ll be in another sci-fi film called “Garbage Men” where I’ll play the principal role of Evelyn.I’m basically the fiance to the lead character.”
DB&B: “Personal question time baby. Tell us something about you. Something that you’d like your fans to know. For example, what do you do in your down time?”
Baby: “I actually turn my phone off and climb into my king size bed and relax. I’m so tired at the end of the day that that’s all I want to do sometimes.” (she smiles)
(Just as Baby finished, she was called back to the set.)
DB&B: “Thanks for everything, Baby.”
Baby: “You’re welcome, I had fun! We’ll talk again soon.”

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