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‘Stranger Things’ is going to the mall








Netflix’s hit show ‘Stranger Things’ is heading to the mall for it’s third season. If you follow the show, then you’re familiar with the fact it’s set in the 80’s and what better place to shoot episodes than a retro styled mall. Although the Gwinnett Place Mall has been mostly empty for some time, It’s now getting an 80’s face lift.
Per Atlanta’s Tomorrows News Todayhttp://www.tonetoatl.com/ Stranger Things will be filming at the mall, renamed “Starcourt Mall” for the production.Season three expected to begin in July 1985, will be set against the backdrop of the release of Back to the Future.
The flooring on the second floor has been replaced with red carpet, and retro wood planters and benches were added as well, to create a true 1980s mall experience.
Set designers have spent the past couple of weeks painstakingly recreating the mall as a popular 1985 destination, complete with retailers of the era, including Radio Shack, Spencer’s, Chess King, the gap, Waldenbooks, Claire’s JCPenney, JCPenney Home Store, Zales, Sam Goody and Wicks “N” Sticks, among others. The mall also features restaurants Wyatt’s Cafeteria, Burger King, Orange Julius, The Ground Round and a coming soon Taco Bell as well as a Time-Out arcade and jazzercise studio.









A casting call posted Tuesday for Stranger Things that identifies the mall by name, describes the filming location as “approx 30 mins north east of the ATL Perimeter, (about 1 hr from central Atlanta)” and seeks “1980’s Mall Patrons” for filming on May 14,15,16 and 18.

The pay ain’t great ($75 for 8 hours), but the series is looking for anyone ages 18-100 so if you have the time, and you enjoy the series and old retail, it might be a fun day.

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