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Sunday 9 August 2020
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‘Slaw’ review

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The other night Slaw had it’s exclusive premiere at the Studio Movie Grill in Duluth, Ga.and our very own Krissy Notes attended the premiere. Here are her thoughts on this horror/comedy.

….we love the food here, cant say much about the service though. But that can be fixed.”

Two “foodie” brothers kidnap those who ruin their dining experience and kill them – each in their own unique “food-related” manner.

You may never look at coleslaw the same again after watching this movie.

SLAW is a thriller/comedy parody of the SAW franchise of films and it is both thrilling and hilarious. Besides the family, the two detectives Turner and Hooch, not the ones you’re thinking, were my favorite characters. The film held my attention from beginning to end, was wonderfully written, and well cast. It does a great job parodying SAW, while paving its own cabbage ridden path of destruction. I guess you could say, it left me hungry for more.

SLAW was directed by Matt Green and written by John Kap and Richard Tavernaro. The film stars John Kap and Aaron Beelner, as our foodie brothers. The project was shot entirely here in Georgia, and stars several talented Georgia actors such as Greg Alan WIlliams, Alpha Trivette, Baby Norman, and Berna Roberts. It also stars WWE superstar himself, Kevin Nash.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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