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Saturday 11 July 2020
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‘No Sin Unpunished’ releases poster and trailer




New Films International http://newfilmsint.com/portfolio-item/no-sin-unpunished/
has just released a new poster and trailer for the supernatural thriller No Sin Unpunished based on the short story by John L. Farris. Mr. Farris is a legend in the world of horror fiction, and a majority of his novels have been on the N.Y Times best-seller list which earned him a Bram Stoker Award. Currently, several of his stories are being optioned for film.

Back in 2016, production began on ‘Horrorshow’ here in Atlanta. It was picked up by NFI and was later re-titled to “No Sin Unpunished”. Since then, the film has been primarily marketed overseas but U.S distribution deals are still pending.

Directed by Matt Green, No Sin Unpunished stars Ron Prather, Jonathan Horne, Amber Erwin and Krissy Notes.

Synopsis: A sleepy Southern town turns upside down after the murder of a young woman, Taryn. As her friends try to piece together what happened, they find themselves getting help from an expert—the victim herself, in ghost form that is. Taryn’s spirit returns to avenge her death, but she only has three days to do so. She needs the help of her best friends to reveal the truth about her murderer and long time sexual abuser—the town’s sheriff and pillar of the community. This ghost story brings light to the topics usually left in the dark, but provides several thrills until the truth is finally revealed.

NO SIN UNPUNISHED_TR from New Films International on Vimeo.

About John Farris:  John Lee Farris is an American writer, known largely for his work in the southern Gothic genre. He was born in Jefferson City, Missouri, to parents John Linder Farris and Eleanor Carter Farris. Raised in Tennessee, he graduated from Central High School in Memphis and attended Southwestern College also in Memphis. He’s a screenwriter of both adaptations of his own books (e.g. ‘The Fury’), of the works of others (such as Alfred Bester’s ‘The Demolished Man’) and original scripts. In 1973 he wrote and directed the film ‘Dear Dead Delilah’. He has had several plays produced off-Broadway, and also paints and writes poetry. At various times he has made his home in New York, Southern California and Puerto Rico; he currently resides near Atlanta, Georgia. Early in his career he also wrote under the name Steve Brackeen.

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