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Thursday 26 November 2020
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‘No Sin Unpunished’ new DVD art

From King Windom Productions and New Films International comes new art for the DVD and U.S distribution of No Sin Unpunished. Written by legendary horror novelist John L. Farris, and directed by Matt Green the film stars Jonathan Horne, Amber Erwin, Krissy Notes and Ron Prather.

Filmed in Atlanta in 2017, the film’s story revolves around Taryn Melwood a woman trying to forget her troubled past. The sheriff John Stone, however, will do anything to keep her deep, dark secret from ruining his life. When Taryn is murdered, the only ones who can give her eternal peace are now in danger themselves.

Monarch Home Entertainment will release the movie on Jan. 21st, but it can be pre-ordered on Amazon today.

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