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Thursday 4 June 2020
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Nightmare’s Gate opening night

Nightmare’s Gate one of the most popular haunts in West Georgia, has officially opened their doors for the haunt season. On Sept. 28th at 8:30 pm, a crowd had already gathered outside the new facility located at 3931 Longview Drive, Douglasville GA 30135. http://www.nightmaresgate.com/
With the rotating spotlight illuminating the night sky  cars started pouring into the parking lot with the anticipation for a very, scary good time.
Guests were guided inside to buy their tickets, while creepy background music and the sounds faint screams from inside, could be heard.







Outside, ticket holders were greeted with an array of ghoulish creatures as they wondered what was lurking behind the rusted steel door just a few feet away. Every now and then, you could hear the creepy voice from the infected and blood drenched nurse Payne, who prepared to welcome her first victims. And once the door slammed shut behind the guests,they knew it was too late to leave.
I, and some close friends of mine, went through the haunt and loved every second of it. The new location offers a twisted maze of pathways and rooms with more square footage for thrills, chills, and lots of jump scares. With a very devoted and talented scare crew, Nightmare’s Gate was definitely worth the trip. Some of the people we spoke to drove almost 2 hours to get there. Now that’s dedication. Check out the videos below to see what folks thought about the haunt, then put Nightmare’s Gate on your list for the upcoming weekend.

Nightmare’s Gate is open Fri. & Sat. from 8-midnight and Sundays from 8 to 11.
Admission is $25.00 per person group rates available.
*NOTE* open toe shoes(sandals) and heels cannot be worn for safety reasons.

This year’s synopsis: Nightmare’s Gate Hospital is the medical epicenter of an infectious disease that has No Cure, No Hope, and No Mercy! Something is spreading and the Doctors and Nurses are falling victim to it’s horrific effects. Patients are overpowering Orderlies, and Priests are turned from the path of compassion to outright ridicule. Dr McGavock from the CDC is battling both the infection and the infected with the best of modern medicine and the most barbaric of treatments ever devised by man. Don’t let them touch you as you navigate the twist and turns of Nightmare’s Gate! Will you be a survivor… Or a statistic?


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