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Wednesday 16 October 2019
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Horror Hotel **EXCLUSIVE** “The Problem With Clones”

Horror Hotel The Trble with ClonesHorror Hotel has just sent us Exclusive news and photos from their upcoming episode “The Problem With Clones”.

It’s a wrap on Horror Hotel episode “The Problem With Clones”






“The Problem With Clones” is the story of a skip-tracer (Cooper) played by R.C. Sayyah, who must search through a family of clones to find the sister who murdered her look alike. They are all living at the decrepit Motor Court including their clone mother, Teresa, who is the office manager. There are 4 other clones all played by the talented and lovely Baby Norman, an Atlanta actress and model. “It was an absolute dream come true being cast as the clone for ‘Horror Hotels’ episode ‘The Problem with Clones!’ said Baby.”I love it when I am able to play different types of characters that are very opposite of me in my normal everyday life. And I got blessed with being able to play not only one, but five completely opposite characters within one episode! What an honor! It was so fun!!”

To portray all the clone personalities, Baby had to be transformed radically from clone to clone with the help of Master Make-Up Artist Cuyler Eaton and Hairdressers Debra Lee Adams and Trophina Jordan. “Our make-up and hair ladies did a stellar job of creating just the perfect look and feel to each vastly different clone” said Ricky. “It played a huge part in the special effects for this episode. From the Goth look for spooky clone Elizabeth, to country clone Georgia, to street walker sizzling clone Paris, to the studious clone Caroline, and down to the aged mother clone Teresa, their professional expertise created lots of photo ops throughout the shoot!”

Horror Hotel 2014 trble with clones image 1
Set Photographers were Roberto Verdaguer, Rick Banks, Paul J. Colombo, Taylor Mary Teems, and Simon Salt. Crew members Debra Lee Adams and Steve Pittman also took some amazing photos on the creative set.
‘The Problem With Clones’ also involved some special photography techniques to place clones in the rooms with each other. “We had done some trials before the shoot which were successful and with the help of Director of Photography Homero Santos, we were well pleased with the final footage” says Ricky.
***Horror Hotel was recently awarded the 2014 Production Grant Award for $500.00 from the Atlanta WebFest. “It was an honor and we are so grateful for this monetary gift to help us produce an upcoming episode” said producer Debbie Hess. “It’s so nice to see organizations like the Atlanta WebFest support web series creators and help them produce quality projects for streaming platforms”.
Horror hotel 2014 Production Grant photoHorror Hotel 2014 trble with clones pic 2
horror hotel 2014 blonde problem with clones

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