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Sunday 24 June 2018
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Horror Brothers FX

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Atlanta has a lot to offer when it comes to making movies. Studios,locations,film crews and talent,not to mention one of the best tax incentives in the country!

But behind the camera is where we find people like Greg ‘Morgan’ Bivens with Horror Brothers FX. Today were shining the spot light on this very talented man and his contributions to horror entertainment.

A professional artist for many years, Greg ‘Morgan’ Bivens specialized in restaurant murals and faux finishes in homes. On the side, he also enjoyed 3D wood design, photography, film making, and costuming. Soon he was drawn to living art, with people as his canvas, focusing more on Body Painting and Special Effects makeup. He enjoys the one-on-one interaction with his subjects as he turns them into zombies, monsters, mythical creatures, animals, or walking masterpieces. In addition to creating art, Greg is also an entertainer and actor, arriving in costume and on stilts to entertain the crowd. After all, what’s more entertaining than an 12-foot man decked out in an awesome costume that can dance?! He started Horror Brothers FX for his special effects work and has begun creating and selling. His work has been featured in several short films as well as features, and other film projects are currently in pre -production.
The time, effort, energy and passion to create a unique look clearly comes through with each model. Check out the samples below..creepy right? This is why the name Greg ‘Morgan’ Bivens is highly respected in Atlanta’s FX community.
On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Greg create hideous looking zombies and other creatures of the night…so yes,he is definitely the man to see if you need to turn a human into a monster or something more evil.
Speaking of evil,the last photo shows a devil selfie by Greg as he prepares to go to a party. It’s similar to the devil he portrays on Adult Swims “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell”. Your Pretty Face season 2 begins this July. Watch for it and watch for Greg.
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