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Wednesday 16 October 2019
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“Dead By Midnight” screens at Atlanta Film Festival

Next week the 42nd annual Atlanta Film Festival begins and there’s a ton of great films waiting to be seen. Of course here at DB&B, we focus on the supernatural genre so if you’re attending the festival, be sure to check out Dead By Midnight. (Review coming soon)

From the press release:
You42 To Screen “Dead By Midnight” At Atlanta Film Festival
Atlanta, Georgia- As a cryptocurrency platform seeking to redefine modern social media and entertainment, You42 will be sponsoring the Atlanta Film Festival as well as participating in it. The company is screening its first fully funded film Dead by Midnight/11PM Central, an anthology series that fuses six stories from different genres, ranging from comedy, to suspense, to horror. You42 hopes the film will raise awareness among potential users while establishing the company as a source of quality content in the ever evolving independent film world.

You42 is a digital media platform with a focus on connecting artists with their fans. It provides a space for musicians, illustrators, filmmakers, and other content creators to publish their work. Creators can monetize their work through a multiple revenue streams. Fans may view this content, share it, and connect with one another, allowing them to follow their favorite artists without relying on the big studios.

The film opens at WKIZ 42, a local TV station that is holding one last film marathon before being sold to the big networks. The menacing Mistress of Midnight, portrayed by cult movie icon Erin Brown, hosts the show, which consists of six short films. But as the films air, producer Candice Spelling (Hannah Fierman, V/H/S and Siren) realizes that members of her staff are disappearing, only to reappear on screen as characters!

****Dead By Midnight screens on April 14th at the Plaza Theater at 9:30 .

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