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Thursday 29 October 2020
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Buried Alive Film Fest 2019

Once again, Atlanta’s premiere international horror film festival The Buried Alive Film Fest, returns to 7 Stages Theatre.
https://www.7stages.org/ Showcasing films from around the world, this is the best place to be the week of November 13th-17th. https://buriedalivefilmfest.com/

About the festival:
The Buried Alive Film Fest comes from the same group of twisted minds and horror film buffs that founded Gorehound Productions and Atlanta Horrorfest 14 years ago. Together we strive to promote true underground filmmaking in the Southeast and beyond, while providing the Atlanta area with the best independent horror has to offer.  Our long history of partnership with such Atlanta community standbys as the  Chambers Of Horror Haunted House, Zombie Walk AtlantaZombie Pub Crawl Atlanta, and Splatter Cinema leaves us in a unique position to promote both those new to filmmakers and longtime underground icons.
We will return with some of the most disturbing, visually appealing, and scary independent horror films in the world. Out of all of the submissions our judges have narrowed it down to this fine selection of horror gems. So grab a drink and see them all on a big screen with nice comfy seats!

Cost: You can get your thrills and chills for only $12 per block!

Short films include:

Tempura, The Corpse Is Alive, Unholy Mole,I Learned to Drive At The End Of The World, Ferine, Violence, Cutoff, Fears, Ramshackle Blues, Bavure,Hanako-San, Five Course Meal,The Procedure 2, Death Yard, Ferry, Hatch, The Death Vendor, Metamorphosis,Jac Kessler’s Popsy,  D is For Demon, How To be Alone, Another, Night Of The Fluffett, Bud Foot, Toe, Terror Road, One Last Meal,O.I. The Exhibit Man,Old Myers, Playtime’s Over,Kissed, Lili, Maggie Mae, La Noria, Skeletons In The Closet, MJ, Astray, Lizard Queen,Ouija,In Loop, In Sound We Live Forever,All Stretched Out,Meat Wagon, His Mother,Dead Animals,Dead Teenager Seance,La Llorona, and Love Bite.

Feature films include:

Antrum: The Deadliest Movie Ever Made,VFW,The Call of Cthulhu – With an all new original soundtrack from Samadha,Hell Bound,Porno,The Wretched,Those Who Deserve to Die,J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and the Church of the Subgenius and Mark of the Beast: The Legacy of the Universal Werewolf.

Don’t wait! order your tickets today and make plans to attend the BEST horror film festival in Atlanta! Scare you there!


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