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Saturday 24 August 2019
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“Attack of the 50 Foot Film Fest”: review









Once again, Atlanta’s historic Plaza Theater was the location for an exciting night of entertainment. Actors, writers, directors and those with the passion to create great films came together for the premiere of Attack Of The 50 Foot Film Fest. The festival showcased a couple of short films which were produced in Atlanta, by Atlanta filmmakers. They included a black and white film titled “Attack Of The Face Melters”  https://www.facebook.com/pg/Attackofthefacemelters/about/ the pilot episode for the 3rd season of Horror Hotel, “Sleep Tight“, http://www.horrorhotelwebseries.com/ the multiple award winning “Mr. Lockjaw:Prequel episode one http://mrlockjaw.com/
and a Stephen King screenplay adaptation of his short story, “Rainy Season“.
The Attack of the 50 Foot Film Fest was truly a brotherhood of creativity and support for the film industry. The genre included Sci-fi & horror/thrillers, and when the lights in the 324 seat theater dimmed, it was standing room only.
Attack Of The 50 Foot Film Fest was organized by the Hess family. We spoke with the director of Horror Hotel, Ricky Hess, and he had this to add about the festival. “We wanted to premiere some of the best local sci-fi/horror films and showcase just how much talent Atlanta has.”

I would certainly say from the cheers to the standing ovation, it was obvious this film festival was a huge success. Each film, from the retro -styled black and white ‘Attack of The Face Melters’ which was well crafted and loaded with humor, to Horror Hotel’s ‘Sleep Tight’ a skillful blend of individual stories mixed with suspense, horror and great visual effects, appeased the appetites of those who appreciate and enjoy indie films. And if you’re looking for something truly creepy and disturbing, but with the right amount of dark humor, you should check out Mr. Lockjaw. This dummy isn’t a dummy, and he lives his life by a different set of rules. Last, but certainly not least, for all of the Stephen King fans out there, you need to put Rainy Season on your ‘must see’ list. Directed by Vanessa Ionta Wright, Rainy Season truly captured the essence of fear. In Rainy Season, when the rain begins,so does the terror.

By the way,if you didn’t like this review, you can take your complaints to Mr. Lockjaw. He’d love to hear from you!







Now,the question is, will we see The Attack Of The 50 Foot Film Fest again next year? We certainly hope so. In case you weren’t able to attend the festival, you can follow these links for tons of great photos.


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