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Saturday 11 July 2020
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‘The Fifty Foot Film Fest’ returns!

Last year, several films were showcased at the Plaza Theatre in the first annual Attack Of the Fifty Foot Film Festival. Not only was it a sold out festival, but fans, filmmakers and the press alike, had a very special evening.
This year we’re excited to announce the return of The Fifty Foot Film Festival. Below, we have the official press release along with the films being premiered. But don’t wait to buy your tickets. This festival will sell out quickly!


Just in time for Halloween, the Fifty Foot Film Festival returns to the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta for another night of short film screenings by local filmmakers. The exciting event was a sell out last year. Featuring  quality shorts in the Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy and Suspense genres. “Last year was standing room only”, said organizer Debbie Hess of the Atlanta series, Horror Hotel. “We have twice as many filmmakers this year showcasing the incredible talents of our local cast and crew. Many are premiers or with little prior exposure.”

Here’s what to expect this year:
The Wish & The Wisp – “Two bickering siblings learn the true magic of believing when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back.” Sweeping the festival circuit with an impressive number of awards,  Vashmere Valentine wrote and directed the fantasy film that stars Eric Lang, Reese Hoggard, Passion Williams, Rueben Martin and Vanessa Stover.

No Time For Love – “Time catches up to a reclusive sailor when a pretty girl brings the modern world into his life”. Directed by Ricky Hess, the Sci-Fi short features special effects make-up from master artists Greg and Sandra Solomon and stars Katrina Rarick and Jason Gaglione with Mark Prew.

Living Nightmare – “Re-live an anthology of 3 actual nightmares based on unforgettable accounts”. Director Jonathan Gabriel brings together 3 creepy horror tales sure to keep you awake at night. Created by Jonathan Gabriel and Kristina Miranovic and starring Allison Maier, Jonathan Horne, Naomi Mya Joy Mack, John Henderson, Alissa Scherb, Vivi Sawyer, Rubi Ghani, and Maria Lyon.


Bad Candy – “Trick or treaters who don’t play nice face the consequences of an evil clown”. Director/Writer Scott Hansen’s spooky Halloween short starring Issac Lukas and Kenny Evans.
Mr. Smiles – “All Smiles, no Play”. Characters from a children’s book come out to play in Freddy Krueger fashion in this horror directed and written by Tyler Weddle. Starring Jam K. Sharpe, Blake K. Sewell and Tim Nicholas.

Residence 906 – “The mysterious deaths of a paranormal investigator’s team force her to confront an enigmatic demon”. Directed by Heather Hutton, screenplay by Michele Olson, Produced by Iesha Price and starring Virginia Vogt and Sarah Newman with Saraiah Vincent, Michele Olson, Julia Verrington and Megan Vandyke.

Feast – “A young intern finds out more about his boss and circle of friends than he’d wished to know.”
Written and directed by Melissa Kunnap and starring Patrick Morgan, Omer Mughal, Brian Ashton Smith, Jackie Costello, Casey Winn, Nicole Burgess, Brandon Mitchell, Joseph Maxxa, Stuart Dangar,Rylee Bunton and Cameryn Richardson.

Pet – “A man with a short fuse and an empty checkbook introduces his irritating boss to man’s best friend.” Story by Justin Craig and Carl Childers, directed by Justin Craig, starring Carl W. Childers, Craig Murphy and Richard Langford.

Advanced tickets only. NO SALES AT THE DOOR
It’s recommended you purchase tickets early
For tickets –  https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3625278

Return Of The Fifty Foot Film Fest from Debbie Hess on Vimeo.

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