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Monday 23 November 2020
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 new_art 2-03Dead, Buried, and Back!  The name says it all! With the horror subculture at an all time high for viewership, Dead, Buried, and Back! is dedicated to providing it’s readers and fans of the genre with the most up to date news available about their favorite movies, TV shows, games, books and conventions.
But there’s more.
Like you, we promote our magazine through advertisements, so we understand the need to stretch your advertising dollar.
What does this mean to you? As a client, we can offer your company or product the chance to have your advertisement reach out to a national audience by way of our online magazine and social media
platforms. Do you need a big ad? Small one? Dead, Buried,and Back! works with all kinds of budgets.
Feel free to contact us at jf@deadburiedandback.com for more details.